Info Cash Review

Chris Caprenter the mastermind behind “Google Cash” is back with his latest product instalment, Info Cash.

Now, when I heard about this launch, I knew I had to review it, since Chris’s previous product was very successful and allowed me to make a LOT of money, hopefully Info Cash can follow in it’s footsteps!

Info Cash Review – What is it?

There are three “Phases” taught, I will break them down for you below -

Phase One - Here we will learn how to become a profitable affiliate marketer, and how we can make some serious bank in the process. Here we learn some “Secrets” that even the most advanced marketer won’t know. It offers a fresh look at affiliate  marketing instead of the “tired” old route such as blogging and so on.

Phase Two - Here we begin to lay the foundations for the final phase. This section teaches us how to build an email list and how to create a WordPress blog. We also learn various techniques such as copywriting and tracking to ensure we make the most money possible with our campaigns.

Phase Three - Once we’ve laid the foundations of being a profitable affiliate (and banked a ton od dough in the process) the final step of our journey takes us into product creation. Chris shares with us his exact secrets and tips that made his previous product “Google Cash” and number one hit on ClickBank selling over 30,000 units. If you thought the money you were making as an affiliate was big, just wait until you launch your own product, it’s like a licences to print money!

Info Cash Review

A unique twist to internet marketing and affiliate marketing thanks to Info Cash…

You may have heard people saying things like “affiliate marketing is dead in 2013″ and so on, and to be honest with you they are right! The OLD methods no longer work like they once did – which is why it’s crucial you enroll as an Info Cash member today. Chris shows us EACTLY how to profit from FaceBook’s latest feature “the Graph Search” Which no one else is using right now!

He also shows us why we should be focusing on Microsoft Bing instead of Google for 2013 and beyond.

Bottom Line – If your sick and tired of the outdated methods being taught and rehashed by the so called Gurus (I know I am) then Info Cash is going to totally refresh your outlook and give you some actual profitable methods that are working NOW in 2013, not things that used to work back in 2009.

At just $25 the course is reasonably priced for the amount of content your getting. It’s really a no brainer if your looking to make some actual hard commissions in 2013 and beyond.

Remember – To keep the content fresh, unique as well as keeping you ahead of the competition, Info Cash is a membership site, so the $25 per month will re-bill until cancelled (Remember, this is on ClickBank so your good to go).

Verdict – Recommended! Not only do I love that the content is fresh, but more importantly I love the fact that you can see INSTANT results! No sitting around waiting to rank on Google or YouTube with tired old methods, I’m taling INSTANT RESULTS in front of your face, NOW!